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Ayurvedic weight loss treatment


Simple and effective ayurvedic and herbal treatment if you are interested in just natural weight loss. Guaranteed 7 to 10 kgs weight loss results and reduce 3 to 5 inches off your waistline. You can continue it for more months if you want more weight loss like 40 to 50 kgs. Its a course of a month and you have to come for treatments just once a week. If you are not able to come at our centre for treatments than you can also do it at your home. Contact us for weight loss therapy kit if you are from another city or country.

No side effects:

These are combination of 100% ayurvedic and herbal treatments plus naturopathy. So, there are no single side effect. Our products are made from 100% plants and herbs. Children of age of as small as 12 years to men women of 80 years and ladies can take it even during feeding also. Nothing is extreme than that. If you have any disease and you are already taking any alopathy drugs than nothing is better than ayurvedic products to take with alopathy. Ayurvedic products and all alopathy drugs can be taken simultaneously without any single side effects. We are ourselves manufacturer of our products and our number one priority is our customers' health and satisfaction. Our products and treatments are made from 100% natural ingredients. Our products gives superior results to each and every persons no matter what is their current weight, gender or age. You will get around 1.5 to 2 kgs weight loss per week.


During these treatments you can eat everything you want in moderate quantity. You can not eat all you want in a single serving but you have to eat in 4 to 6 meals in smaller quantity. Detailed diet schedule will be given from our nutrition experts who are trained in US and have more than 16 years of experience in health industry. Diet schedule will not be a time consuming thing with us and there will not be any preparation time as you can eat all your home cooked food and meals all the day. You don't have to completely stop ghee, oil, sugar or salt. Definitely, it will not be a crash diet. We are against crash diet or strict dieting as very low calorie food destroys your metabolism permanently and you will find it difficult to loss weight after crash dieting. You have to eat your required calories of your day.


Exercise maintains and sometimes helps a little with our weight. We should always do cardio to keep our heart healthy. However, it should not be the primary tool to lose our weight. We should try to at-least lift some weight if our physical conditions gives us ability to do so. It helps in keeping our muscles and tendons in good condition and indirectly keeps our metabolism higher so we can digest more calories without increasing fat.

In this course you don't have to do any streaneous exercises. Even if you are not able to do any exercises than also its alight. Otherwise, Just light walk and stretching exercises needed because stretching helps keeps blood circulation in our body high and helps and gives our skin back it's elasticity. Streching is needed in our treatments as you will lose 7 to 10 kgs overall from your body, 3 to 5 inches from a single area of your belly button, 2 to 3 inches from hands, thighs, hips. These much weight reduction some times creates loose skins. So, to avoid that you should do some stretching. Exercise schedules will be provided by charts, mails or videos if required.

Weight regain:

When you crash diet the weight lost is due to water loss and again when you introduce food it will come back with even excess weight. That is the reason to avoid crash dieting. There is a treatment to make your weight loss permanent after you lose it. The whole treatment is designed with proper care to make the weight loss permanent. Once lost weight with us will not bounce back. Consult us for more details.

Six pack / Zero figure transformation


Achieve six-pack abs within 4 months guaranteed with just proper diet and exercise. No steroids. Through home-cooked foods. Possible with both veg and non-vegetarian diet. You can also exercise at home, the gym is not required. Diet and exercise consulting through experts from US.

Note: This course is effective if you have excess fat of last 4 to 5 kgs. If you have more weight to reduce then first you have to remove excess fat through our ayurvedic treatments.

No Steroids:

We can achieve your dream body without using any type of steroids. The only thing we cannot achieve is too much bulk in our muscles. However, if your dream body is visible six packs, and vascularity (visible veins on the body), then you can achieve it easily. of course with dedication.

Some people use steroids to lose fat faster but they do not know the side effects of a short and easy way. You should avoid steroids at any cost except if you are participating in professional ifbb, state or national level bodybuilding or some competition. br>

People say you cannot achieve six-pack abs without eating a non-vegetarian diet. That is not true. You can have six-pack abs with a vegetarian diet and even without walking or jogging a single step. Just the proper knowledge of nutrition is essential for that. However, getting six packs takes dedication, hard work and control over the sweet tooth.

Other false rumours supplement companies spread is you should eat protein every two-three hours to prevent muscle breakdown. No one can manage to eat food every two-three hours in this hectic and fast life. So people would have no choice and have to take protein supplements.

Our final statement on this is you can get six packs no matter how many times you eat. Whether it could be two, three, or six meals. Protein supplements or non-vegetarian diets are not compulsory.


Exercise is not necessary for weight loss or for six packs but if you do not have muscles to show then your six pack is useless. Achieving six packs without muscles will look like an undernourished man or woman. So, at least a little bit of muscle is necessary to look good with six packs. You already have six packs but fat is covering it is the sentence you have heard or read so many times but no one can guide you to the proper way. You do not have to walk for hours or jog with so many latest methods including HIIT with the condition as far as you can tweak your diet.

The final statement is you can achieve a six-pack or zero figure even if you are physically disabled and cannot walk or jog.

Protein supplement:

People say that you should eat only god made food and avoid men made food to achieve six packs or reduce your fat. On the same topic, some people say that you must have protein supplements. A protein supplement is just a supplement as the name suggests. It is not and should not be our primary food source.

Our final statement on this is It should be taken as an extra supplement or when sometimes you are in a hurry to save time and only if you cannot fulfil your protein requirements.

Special pregnancy package for women


No medicines or external supplements during pregnancy. Proper and specific nutritional and scientific food for each month during the specific physical development of your baby. No wrinkles, No stretchmarks guarantee and complete weight loss package after delivery. Get a healthy baby who has healthy bones, eyesight, hair and especially mind. Your baby will bless you for his entire life. Contact us for more details.

This is a very beautiful package for pregnant women. You must consider and know the details of this course if you are planning for a baby who is intelligent, have nice skin and has perfect eyesight. Nowadays, women cannot get proper nutrition in a day to day life and it reflects in the health of your baby. Women have deficiencies of vitamin B12, omega 3, omega 6, and vitamin A and it reflects in your baby. They are born with poor nutrition, have poor eyes and get specs at an early age, they lack B12, omega 3, and omega 6 and have poor memory.

This course starts when you know you are pregnant. No extra medicines are to be taken. During each month of your pregnancy, various organs of your baby are under major development. You will have to eat particular types of extra food which is required for that particular organ. For example, when the eyes of your baby are under major development you will have vitamin A-enriched foods, during bones development you will have vitamin D-enriched foods, during mind neurons development you will have omega 3, and omega 6  enriched foods.

You should increase your weight approximately 8 to 10 kgs during pregnancy and we will increase it with proper nutrition and scientific food choices. Do not increase your weight with just pasta, rice, ghee or butter. Increase it with proper nutrition.

This package comes with “no white stretch mark guarantee”, “no loose skin guarantee” and we will reduce all of the increased weight after your pregnancy with 100% same figure without increasing a single inch from your waist. This is a beautifully designed course and your baby will thank you for this gift for his entire life. Contact us for more details. We are always happy to help you with your questions.